"It surely can't be those The Crazy Maniacs Series" - Spring Bonnie's ghost?
There are different types of The Crazy Maniacs Series so this article will talk about only a specific type of The Crazy Maniacs Series.

Specifically: The first season.

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For the series itself , see The Crazy Maniacs Series (Series).

For the old series , see The Crazy Maniacs

The Crazy Maniacs Series (TCMS) is the first season of The Crazy Maniacs Series first appearing on September 22, 2018 on the Youtube channel , Neptune however episodes 1-19 of Season 1 were on that previous channel . The series is based of a franchise called Five Night's at Freddy's , an indee horror game created by Scott Cawthon . The first episode took place in a fictional pizzeria called Freddy's Pizzeria II. The first episode currently has 26 episodes .

The series actually started in September 21st 2017 and was called "The Crazy Maniacs". Main article .


This season involves 16 anthropomorphic animatronic robots that mainly represent animals with 3 exceptions . There are 2 groups of these animatronics being "The originals" and "The toys" . There is also an additional group that only one of them is in and it's the marionette group (Not really a group then is it?) . These "groups" are different from their name , appearance , characteristics , dates ect. As the original group were built in 1983 whilst the toys were built in 1987 . The marionette group was also created in 1983 . The original and the marionette group have known their lives since they were built . The toys have also known them for their lives . Eventually they met when the toys were built .

Characters Edit

Despite there being 16 animatronics , there are 22 characters . A confusing feature only relevant to Season 1 is that Mangle and Endoplush are 1 animatronic but there are 2 individuals .

Recommended characters Edit

Main article : Recommended Characters

As of episode five , recommended characters have started appearing . These recommended characters are non canon and have brief appearances .
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